Generate your ai automatically

RAISE is a SAAS platform that automatically generates the topology of neural networks.

You define your objectives in terms of model performance and/or parameter reduction, and rAIse takes you there if your data is good enough. 

How do we proceed?

Bloc Diagram
  1. Choose and install the connector

  2. Set the connector to use your dataset.

  3. Set the goal you wish to achieve

  4. Launch the model generation

  5. The model is automatically generated

  6. Get your standard model Keras Ready Format

Basic knowledge of Python is recommended


Assets (automatic and simple)

Your data doesn’t leave your premises!

Your data doesn’t leave your premices. The generation is done automatically 

We do not need to access your use cases

We do not need to know what your AI is for. Your use cases remain confidential, since they are not part of the optimization. Neither do we need to have access to the final model parameters (synaptic weights). 

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