About Us

DATAVALORIS is a start-up born in 2015 from the meeting of two researchers in Artificial Intelligence (an American PhD and a French PhD student) who saw their research converge and allow the emergence of a new AI technology, independent of that of GAFA. 

The company has developed its own neuroevolution-based technology that combines the best of genetic algorithm with the best of deep learning. Its technology, independent of GAFAMs but compatible with them, allows their neuronal entities to mutate.

Our ambition is to develop a "strong AI" based on neuro evolution, combining the best of genetic algorithms and machine learning now that the technology, computing power, and data volume can allow it.

Our aim to become a benchmark company in Artificial Intelligence in Europe stems from a meeting in 2015 with the doctor in AI and American entrepreneur Gene Sher, who shared his vision and had started to apply his approach to biomimicry. It didn't take more to Jean-Patrice Glafkidès, passionate about neural networks, to launch Datavaloris that same year.

your AI, our mission

Originally, DataValoris was created to meet the needs of one of the world's leading automotive equipment companies. Its ambition is to be able to democratize with the help of its disruptive product rAIse, artificial intelligence for all companies, whether or not they have data scientists on their teams.

Since then, DataValoris has been chosen by Paris & Co to be incubated at Le Swave, in La Grande Arche de La Défense. DataValoris has become a laureate of the network Entreprendre and has taken its place in the ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence start-ups by forming numerous partnerships (Cap Digital, Systematic and its Hub IA & Data Science, Le Voice Lab ...). DataValoris is also a partner of the Paris Dauphine laboratory.

“We are banking on our unique positioning. Apart from the GAFAMs and a few American start-ups, and excluding large organizations such as Inria, we are the only ones in our field in France and perhaps even in Europe "

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