unique benefits

Improvement of existing models and stimulation of innovation 
Automatic generation of AI and better readability of data
Compatible with data management tools

Easy-to-use solution with a controlled budget 

3D AI model RAISE by DV

robust and resilient AI models

Obtain robust and resilient AI models thanks to RAISE and its native, configurable scoring, based on the competition of models

designed to meet business challenges

Towards the 1st AI model for your business

For companies wishing to have an AI model, the RAISE platform automatically and easily generates an artificial intelligence architecture customized according to your business needs and your data.

For skilled Enterprise AI Users

For companies already aware of and using AI, RAISE accelerates the performance of existing neural network models. The platform leverages your data scientists' strike force by building even more scalable AI models, allowing them to focus on preparing new models for new projects.

Suitable for all sizes and types of businesses










DATAVALORIS has created 3 packs to support you in setting up an AI project

IA explorer pack

To help you turn your data into a cohesive AI project


To implement an AI project and create a prototype

IA prod pack

To start the production of your prototype and ensure its proper functioning

who is in charge of your ai project?

How about increasing your power hundredfold ?

RAISE increases your power by offering you the best neural network topology with enhanced and original characteristics.

RAISE simulates and automates the operation of applied selection that presides over AI.

What if your corporate AI projects came to life faster and without additional resources?

The strength of the RAISE platform is to democratize artificial intelligence within companies. This is a scalable model depending on the business constraints you encounter.
If you have an in-house data scientist, Raise can amplify his power by 20. Thanks to RAISE, he is no longer alone ... there are about twenty of them!

If you have no internal resources, our ecosystem of partners and our team of doctors, engineers and architects in artificial intelligence, can support you in your innovative projects to easily implement AI in your business processes and monitor improvement of your productivity.

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