in corporate data projects,
with or without AI skill in your teams.


Generate and optimize your AIs without human intervention with our disruptive product: RAISE

Put your projects in production
even without Deep learning expertise

Accelerate your ROI
thanks to our cost
effective methods

Beat your competition
with superior AI

How effectively are you leveraging machine learning in your organization?

I want to get more value from my data.
How can I leverage AI?

Take the leap of AI

I have qualified data.
How can I train a deep learning NN on it?

Generate AI models automatically

I already have a neural network.
How do I improve its performance?

Optimize your AI automatically

I want an all-in pack (AI + computing power) at home

datavaloris and ibm join forces

Take the leap of AI

You are well aware that Artificial Intelligence is the next industrial revolution that will be a game changer in every industry, and you want to take advantage of AI to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition.

You have a lot of data which is currently being used to run your business. You think that this data could be used to train AI, you may have a few use case ideas that could make a difference with your competition, but you don’t really know where to start. OUR SERVICE OFFER IS FOR YOU Our datascientists will
  • Study your data to make sure that it can be used to train a NN model
  • Find the best use cases to exploit
  • Prepare your data (if necessary) to make it usable

You'll have a clear course of action ​and will know exactly what your business ​has to gain by leveraging machine learning in your domain.

Generate AI models automatically

Do you have data which has been qualified by your data experts, but not enough deeplearning resources to leverage it? Are you running out of time to complete a project?

Would you like to test whether machine learning can help your business without having to recruit a datascientist or start a long and very expensive project?


  • We automatically generate à partir de vos données qui restent chez vous
  • The system generates the model, which allows your ressources to focus on your data
  • Costs stay under control
logo rAIse de couleur bleu avec AI de couleur verte dont le trait du A fini par une flèche évoquant une ascension tout en signant le point du I avec GENERATE en signature bleue
You will get a neural network model comparable with one produced by an expert, but for only a fraction of the price.

Optimize your AI automatically

Have you already taken the leap and began using deeplearning in your business? and have a model in  Keras or in TensorFlow but you are not satisfied with its performance? 
Do you need to improve the performance of your neural network model?
Do you want to reduce the number of its parameters? ?
Vous avez besoin d’aide pour sortir d’une ornière et comprendre si le problème vient de vos données ou de votre modèle ?
Vous pensez avoir obtenu le meilleur des modèles et avez besoin d’améliorer encore son efficacité ?


  • We do not need to access your use cases
  • Your data doesn’t leave your premises!  
  • Our generator creates mutant Ais (NN models) by modifying the topology of the model until the desired results (size, efficiency…) are reached.
logo rAIse de couleur bleu avec AI de couleur verte dont le trait du A fini par une flèche évoquant une ascension tout en signant le point du I avec OPTIM en signature bleue
You will be able to optimize your AI in a different and automated way.
Raise power IBM Pack by datavaloris

ibm pack



Datavaloris, specialist in neural network generation and optimization, in association with the best IBM hardware presents a solution including computing power for both learning cycles and inference

Raise Power from datavaloris - IBM Pack ac922


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