Raise power IBM Pack by datavaloris

IBM Initial Pack


When the best of AI met the best of technology

DATAVALORIS & IBM join forces to provide you with an exceptional offer: the RAISE POWER IBM PACK by DataValoris

In a context where your data is crucial for your core business and you do not want them to leave your organization, Datavaloris offers a complete solution corresponding to your requirements from learning to inference through creating AI at home.

The RAISE POWER IBM INITIAL PACK by DV is aimed at any company with a project requiring computing power with data consuming little memory.

Your AI project require more computing power?


IBM® Power System™ IC922 plateform 


One year subscription to the RAISE platform

Also included is a 3-day start-up assistance support (configuration, configuration, training in the use of the RAISE platform outside physical installation)

An inference server engineered to put your AI models to work

Engineered for AI inference, the IBM Power System IC922 provides the compute-intensive and low-latency infrastructure you need to unlock business insights from trained AI models.

The POWER9-based Power IC922 provides advanced interconnects (PCIe Gen4, OpenCAPI) to support faster data throughput and decreased latency. Accelerated, the Power IC922 supports up to six NVIDIA® T4 Tensor Core GPU accelerators.


Use your trained AI models to quickly turn new business data into AI insights.


Leverage purpose-built inference infrastructure with the ability to scale alongside your business needs.

Optimized AI

Use AI software designed for POWER9 hardware across your training and inference servers.


IBM Power System IC922 has security features built into the hardware and software stack.

Key Features of Power System IC922

  • Accelerated Compute

  • Advanced I/O interconnects

  • Optimized AI Software
  • Storage-rich design

  • Modular and scalable
logo rAIse de couleur bleu avec AI de couleur verte dont le trait du A fini par une flèche évoquant une ascension tout en signant le point du I

Imagine to automatically generate and optmize AI

RAISE is a SAAS platform that allows you to automatically generate a deep learning model adapted to your data, but also to automatically optimize the topology of your neural networks.


  • We automatically generate an artificial intelligence model from your data, which doesn’t need to leave your premices.

  • The system generates the model, which allows your ressources to focus on your data

  • Costs stay under control

a platform dedicated to your AI projects

  • a clear interface for all your needs

  • a complete management of your AI projects

  • user management for your large-scale projects

Optimize your AI automatically

  • We do not need your use case

  • Your data doesn’t leave your premises!

  • Our engine creates mutant AIs by modifying the topology of the model until the desired results (size, efficiency…) are achieved...


Le RAISE POWER IBM PACK by DV included :

  • The IBM® Power System ™ IC922 platform (see details above) and the software required to use the RAISE platform.
  • One year subscription to the RAISE platform with one simultaneous project
  • Support for 3 days start-up assistance (configuration, configuration, RAISE platform demonstration, outside physical installation)

CONFIGURATION de La plateforme IBM® Power System™ IC922 du RAISE POWER IBM PACK by DV :

  • GTH  Server 1:8335 Model
  • Primary OS – Linux
  • Rack Indicator- Not Factory Integrated
  • Software Preload Required
  • Linux Software Preinstall
  • New Red Hat License Core Counter
  • 3rd Party Linux License Core Counter
  • Language Group Specify – French
  • AC Power Supply – 2200 WATT (200-240V/277V)
  • Open Power non-virtualized configuration
  • PCIe3 LP 2-Port 25/10Gb NIC&ROCE SR/Cu Adapter
  • NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU with NVLINK Air-Cooled (16 GB)
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